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Green Construction

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Green is not a word, it is a world view.

Many of Rotshtein’s projects are designed according to SI 5281 – Green Construction (Sustainable Construction), and as such they nurture the environment. Our projects are environmentfriendly, free of contaminants, energy efficient, and are precisely matched to the each project’s needs. When we construct a completely new neighborhood we gain total control over all infrastructures and the latest technology that enables it.

Green (sustainable) design is ecologically important to sustain our only universe. It also makes enables a perfect match to your needs and it provides huge savings in cost of living. But most importantly, it provides you healthy living environment: pollution-free, green lungs promising clear air, thermal insulation that helps to save a considerable amount of the electricity bill, and acoustic solutions to protect against noise and provide maximum privacy in your home.

Rotsthein is a member of ILGBC – Israeli Green Building Council, which is a member of WGBC – an international organization present in more than 90 countries worldwide.

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