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Givat Alonim – Kfar Yona

About the project

Givat Alonim.

A Magic Location.

Givat Alonim’s pastoral, exclusive neighborhood is situated in the settlement’s peaceful, North Western corner.

Within a stone’s throw there is access to Israel’s main transport arteries such as Route 6, Route 4 and the Coastal highway. Netanya’s railway station is a short way away. Givat Alonim mixes quiet life in green, with maximum access to the center off the country with its entertainment, shopping and culture.

Alonim Terraces
A private terraced area was built with the concept of preserving the balance between nature and the countryside on one hand, and a high quality of life on the other.:

Only eighteen apartments in each building.

4.5 room apartments, apartments with gardens, mini-penthouses and luxurious penthouses.

Balcony of up to 44 sqm

Two underground parking spaces for each apartment

Exclusively Designed Avenue

“Green” Building, complying to standards.

Premium Specifications.

XL Balconies.

The trademark of the terrace is the enormous balcony which have been created through the terraced façade of the building.

At Rothstein Terrace the residents will enjoy enormous, 44 sqm, balconies, which face the spacious, open landscape of the countryside.


Intimacy in the Open

A special architectural avenue passes between the terraced buildings in the development.
In addition to the feeling of vast open space and natural flow of air which the avenue creates, it crosses the buildings and enables passage between them, and also to the public areas which serve the residents of the neighbourhood.

Residential Atmosphere in “Green” Building

The development has been but according to the standard of “Green” Building, which creates a residential atmosphere which is healthier, more natural and more comfortable. In addition to the contribution to the environment, there is an additional advantage in the reduction to the everyday operating and maintenance costs of the building, while preserving the principles of preserving the environment and energy resources.



Technical Specification
  • Two underground Parking Spaces for each apartment.
  • Entrance door to the building, with an intercom system and closed-circuit color television.
  • Designed, external entrance door.
  • Full air-conditioning in the whole apartment.
  • Light inlet in the lounge display window, and electric blinds in all rooms (except the security room).
  • Granite porcelain flooring (80 x 80 cm tiles) in a choice of designs and colors in the lounge, kitchen, passages and bedrooms.
  • Open balconies – with granite porcelain flooring and a mock deck.
  • Internal doors: “Unique” manufacture, water-resistant, in a number of shades including white or self-supply.
  • Three-phase electricity X325.
  • TV and communications points in each room.
  • Infrastructure for ceiling fan in each bedroom.
  • Switches manufactured by Gewiss, or Bottecini or Weissbord or self-supply.
  • Infrastructure for home cinema in the lounge.
  • Infrastructure for mesh in the windows and display windows (except the security room, and utility balcony.
  • Windows glazed with insulated glass.
  • Solar power system.
  • Main light switch at the entrance to the apartment.
  • Infrastructure preparation for “Smart Home” – Three points.

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