Rotshtein | The Company Covenant

The Company Covenant

Rotshtein Company hereby declares its covenant which constitutes a cornerstone of the Company and is part of its organizational culture. The Company aims to initiate and high reliability and high quality construct projects. We aim to meet our clients’ expectations in order to create a competitive advantage.

We place high value on the quality of construction and quality of service. Therefore, we have established a quality assurance system in accordance with requirements the highest standard – ISO 2009.

We dedicate resources to the implementation and operation of our quality assurance that accompanies each construction project and services rendered. We are committed to improve the quality assurance system while adapting our systems to the highest standards. The responsibility for fulfilling quality requirements apply to all of the Company’s employees.

We believe that we can fulfill the expectations of our customers now and in the future and hope that we can step together into a promising future.

The Company’s quality assurance managers, employees and the Company’s representatives are available and at your service for any inquiry.

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